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MONOPOLYCards by Shuffle Review: A Digital Field with Instructions and Extra Decks

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Monopoly is an economy game where you play a businessman gaining control over real estate in town. In the card version of MONOPOLY you need to collect three full properties with all the cards they require. Getting rich is even more fun with an additional app, offering you strange and funny adventures on your way to prosperity!

MONOPOLY Deal has become a very popular version of the classic game by Hasbro. Becoming a card game enhanced that economy experience, but the app that goes with it can enrich your fun even more. So take your tablet. Download MONOPOLYCards by Shuffle. And have fun together!

Graphics 4/5

As it’s a kind of digital table game, for the table type of experience, we recommend running it on tablets. Though a phone will do too if you need to just refresh the rules for yourself and your party. The drawing is as simple as the original card design.

But what deserves the highest marks is how the apps recreate the visual style of the original Hasbro game, including The Monopoly Man appearance. No way will it ruin this almost a century-old fun, but enhance it with today’s technology.

Gameplay 5/5

The first thing you need to know before installing this game: it only makes sense if you own a MONOPOLY Deck! It’s not a self-sufficient game, but a tool for enhancing a card game experience.

What it provides is the mechanism of making moves. It offers virtual tokens mimicking the classic ones (battleship, wheelbarrow, racecar, thimble and so on).

Maybe the greatest attraction within the app is about extra decks. They contain new action cards (with bizarre missions, like saying “bip bip” before your move, and so on), money cards and other additions to the default deck that is dialed. More than that: there are several various digital decks. And playing an unfamiliar one adds tons of fun to the process.

The rules of the game with this extra become unchanged: you need to collect three sets of property to win. But this one makes the process more unpredictable and adds funny variations to it. So, the combo of the deck and the app is for you to explore, as the app can be downloaded for free.

Controls 5/5

The app has its built-in instructions on usage. First of all, you need to place the device with it on the table, and each player selects the nearest field, to define their tokens or dial some virtual cards. It’s all understood by intuition, so the app can be considered good.

We recommend installing the app on two devices (like the tablet in front of the party and someone’s phone). The field hides the rules, so it’s better to inquire something you want to know without leaving the field.

Replay Value 5/5

Like most table games that make it through years, MONOPOLYCards gets predictable in spite of combination variety it offers. The app fixes this problem and adds the element of surprise into the gameplay. So replayability of the original game is increased a lot. If you connect a charger to the device you use, you can play as long as you like.


This MONOPOLYCards review (for being honest) should include a review of the classical card deck. But we suppose you already own one. So the only thing you need to make out is how to make the cards and the app work together for your fun. Unluckily, this seems too hard for the users that rate it 1 star on its pages in app stores because of pure misunderstanding.

Luckily, the app contains video with instructions on all the aspects of the gameplay. This self-explaining feature will help in resolving arguments and encouraging new players to join in.

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So, you should only download MONOPOLYCards by Shuffle if you own the deck and have a company to play it with. But those lucky ones will re-experience the full range of emotions updated.

Pros : Enhances your experience with MONOPOLY Deck for free;
Contains the rules in video format;
Adds some new cards to the deck you own.

Cons : Makes no sense by itself, without the deck.

Graphics 4.0

Gameplay 5.0

Controls 5.0

Replay Value 5.0

Average : 4.8

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